Design Office of wizzcad

years of experience
Thanks to its experience and expertise from more than 15 years in the area of construction, Wizzcad has been permanently involved as a design and project management office for ENEDIS (the infrastructure arm of the french electricity utility EDF), allowing the team to be in direct touch with the processes, and specifics of the civil works activities of one of the top world electricity utility companies.

Thanks to this specific knowledge we acquired over time, we are now able to directly provide Design Services related to the electrical supply of any french project, and we are committed to responsiveness and top-quality for our private and public customers.

Studying of a vertical electricity cable path and sizing your construction work

We provide the advanced diagnosis of your construction projects and needs, in order to size the low voltage architecture adapted to your reference designs.

During the building of a residential building, a business or commercial park or any other type of building, the cabling of the vertical cable path is a sensitive activity. This step of the project requires a preliminary visit by the ENEDIS technicians, but also preferably by our team of experts.

Why call us ?

Our Design Office studies and sizes your electrical installations, and supports you in its implementation.

For a hassle-free process, our Design Office can provide its services, along your project, relying on its strong 15 year-old background on the subject, as project managers for ENEDIS.

In the initial period, our team will send over one of its experts, in order to make the in-field technical assessment with detailed and accurate measurements.

On this basis, our Design Office will proceed to the design and ot the technical writing of the documentation, in line with the latest quality standards .