WIZZCAD keeps on developing and recruiting new talents.

WIZZCAD is pursuing its international growth and is recruiting new talents to strengthen its current teams and support its development.
You, you enjoy challenges, you are inquisitive, you are brimming with energy and you like to take initiatives? You have all it takes to join this young and ambitious close-knit team and support the exponential growth of its business.

mapping french proptech axaleo

WIZZCAD in the Axeleo mapping of the main French Proptech players in 2020

Axeleo created a mapping bringing the 300 most emblematic and innovative proptech players in France on the real estate value chain. WIZZCAD is on the mapping in the BIM category of the “Design & Build” section. The solution provides a more collaborative and efficient approach to automate constraining processes in the construction sector and to carry out projects from design to maintenance.

webinar des startups qui bougent dans la crise

WIZZCAD, invited to Gemini Solutions WEBINAR: “Des startups qui bougent pendant la crise" - "Startups on the move during the crisis" [French only]

The current health crisis is leading companies to reconsider their operations and to adapt quickly in order to remain competitive and profitable. How to positively respond to this global downturn and make the most of the situation, by using resilience, creativity and agility? Thierry Podolak is organizing a round of webinars for Gemini solutions with WIZZCAD CEO Cyril Perrin and PERSADO France CEO Hani Ramzi as guests.

WIZZCAD sur Europe 1 dans la France qui bouge

WIZZCAD in "La France bouge" on Europe 1 to support the resumption of work

In "La France bouge", the journalist Raphaëlle Duchemin and the editorial staff of Europe 1 take a look of positive and innovative initiatives around France.

The journalist focused on the WIZZCAD solution – during the broadcast on May 18 - and more precisely on its specific application for the resumption of work on construction sites The application is available free of charge to support construction and public works players following this health crisis that raises many questions.

application wizzcad reprise chantier

The free app speeding up the reopening of construction sites

To support the resumption of work in the construction sector given the current health crisis, WIZZCAD offers its technology FREE of charge to all professionals in this sector.

"WIZZCAD – Site Reopening" guarantees the resumption and continuity of your building sites, safely and on the go, within the framework provided by the OPPBTP French Professional Prevention Organisation for Building and Public Works - , validated by the French government.

Wizzcad - reprise chantier

WIZZCAD - Site Reopening application has been all over the French news

In solidarity with the actors of the building and public works sector, WIZZCAD launches a free application for the resumption of building sites, in order to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis.

WIZZCAD - Site Reopening application meets, above all, a significant requirement of the players to have a solution that guarantees the safety of the people working on site.

The specialised French press acknowledged this initiative.