Chambéry Train Station


“Since the execution studies and works in the main hall had to be completed in 4 years, including all studies and works, we needed to equip ourselves with an agile tool. In the end, this limitation became an opportunity, enabling us to use the digital model of the project and digitalise all processes from the design phase to the operations of the structure thanks to the WIZZCAD solution. “


The context

The transformation of the Chambéry train station was a complex project, combining demolition, renovation and construction and involving very tight deadlines: 4 years to complete the project's design and execution.
This new station is part of the Chambéry multi-modal interchange, a project on a national scale and a highlight for all of Savoy and the Rhône Alpes region.

To complete these studies, SNCF, Gare et Connexions and AREP worked in collaboration with the contractor and the project manager in charge of the construction of the overpass, the multi-modal area and the bicycle station.

The project was broken down into 4 phases:

Removal of asbestos and reorganisation of the existing station's basement
Demolition of the historic train station
Construction and layout of the main passenger hall
Construction of a ramp and reorganisation of the old station

Project characteristics

The new main hall consists of a steel framework 75m long by 21m wide and 14m high.

New balconies were built on the upper floors to accommodate passengers.

Stairs and escalators will allow access to the balconies and the urban walkway which will serve all the platforms.

A few figures

4500 m2


12 M€

Cost of Works

Software for this BIM project

The Challenges

Part of the great Chambéry multi-modal interchange project,the transformation of the Chambéry station was a complex undertaking, involving demolition, renovation, construction, interior layout and related tasks, in a relatively short time period: 4 years for the entire project cycle including studies, design, completion and acceptance.

The complexity and tight deadline require a high-performance tool that allows for the effective management of the progress of operations on site.

WIZZCAD Solutions

With the help of the EDM system and the WIZZCAD transmittal management tool, we were quickly able to exchange and approve more than 600 documents.

Thanks to the integration of the different digital models, we can precisely locate snags directly on the model and automatically edit the site visit reports.

We have also chosen the WIZZCAD platform because, thanks to BIM, it allows us to operate the future station and create a digital twin which will provide real-time information on all our facilities, making it possible to accurately plan maintenance and to update the information on our digital twin.
Thanks to the digital twin supported by the WIZZCAD solution, we will be able to control energy consumption and security.

Using the WIZZCAD platform allowed to:

Boost collaboration on site, streamlining exchanges of information such as observations, snags and documents
Save time on administrative tasks and focus on high-value activities, specifically quality and safety control, thus allowing us to meet the deadline while maximising quality & safety
Ensure the digital traceability of workflows whilst delivering a Digital Twin used for operations
Gather, store and analyse data securely thanks to unlimited cloud storage