Riyadh Subway


“WIZZCAD is a unique and efficient project management solution, from the design phase to the in-use phase, including execution in 2D as well as using BIM. “


The context

Engie Axima consults WIZZCAD to find a solution adapted to its project management in Saudi Arabia.

The aim is to provide Engie Axima with a solution capable of meeting the various challenges related to progress management and the commissioning of the different ventilation systems across the Riyadh project in Saudi Arabia.

ENGIE Axima has a local subsidiary in Saudi Arabia which provides service contracts in the field of heating and cooling systems. The subsidiary participates in major infrastructure projects, industrial buildings, tunnels, hospitals, etc.

BACS will be responsible for the design and construction of lines 1 and 2 of the Riyadh metro network. The scope of BACS’ work on lines 1 and 2 includes the detailed design of the public transport system's structure and architecture, as well as the construction, testing and commissioning works.

The solution sought by Engie AXIMA needs to:

Ensure the availability of information (in English and French)
Minimise manual operations and automate processes
Automate reports (Snags, inspection sheets, progress management, etc.)
Ensure the integrity of information gathered during the project's study and execution phases

Project characteristics

The Riyadh subway project is divided into 3 consortia.

Lines 1 and 2 will be part of a six-line metro network covering a total of 176 km across the city and will feature 85 stations.

Line 1 will extend from North to South through the centre of Riyadh, along the Al-‘Olaya – Al-Bat’ha corridor, covering 38 km.

Line 2 will extend from East to West along the King Abdullah road and will be built mainly at ground level (15 km), with some elevated sections. This line will extend over 25 km with 13 stations and 3 transfer stations.

A few figures

21 km 


€30.5 Bn 

Cost of Works


Reduction of paper costs

The Challenges

Provide Engie AXIMA with a professional, interoperable project management solution that meets many different criteria in order to guarantee the coherence and consistency of the information as well as the integrity and the confidentiality of the data collected during the operations.

The solution must be accessible to other users depending on project phases: during the design and execution phases, but also during operations.

The aim is to significantly digitalise and optimise all processes.

WIZZCAD Solutions

WIZZCAD is based on an innovative concept where all software and hardware elements have been carefully designed to guarantee its users the best overall solution on the market in terms of reliable application of global management of projects, documentation, monitoring and control, maintenance, safe refurbishment and user comfort through a fully automated solution.
The WIZZCAD application puts an end to multi-vendor solutions, cumbersome and random trial and error, and the resulting organisational issues.

WIZZCAD fits perfectly into the company’s IT architecture, adapts to the company’s growth and does not require any additional hardware purchases.

Using the WIZZCAD platform allowed to:

Share the data collected between different users according to each user's rights and responsibilities
Regularly encrypt and sync data during the backup process (transfer/store/restore) to ensure total confidentiality.  
Simplify data entry and use
Configure BIM's properties: possible to add properties to the models and connect elements such as a link to a website, a description of dimensions, a schedule, etc.