Paris Air² Logistique


How to enhance the profitability of the operations & maintenance of an innovative logistics platform?


The context

Operate and maintain an innovative logistics platform of 63,000 m².

SEGRO built a two-storey logistics platform, located in the heart of Port de Gennevilliers (Paris region).

This new urban distribution hub will host several major retailers and will combine technical prowess and modernity.

SEGRO has chosen to implement the WIZZCAD solution to manage the operations and maintenance of its 63,000 m² Paris Air² Logistique platform.

Multi-level challenges

Build a Digital Twin : Constitute an as-built digital twin of the building, reliable and scalable throughout its life cycle.
Collect Data : Collect and analyse all data related to the energy consumption of the logistics platform.
Reduce operating costs and expenses : Reduce maintenance costs and expenses related to the operation of the building.
Guarantee data security : Guarantee the security and safety of the data of the building and its equipments.

Project characteristics

A smart and sustainable building over time :

SEGRO is committed to using the latest technology to build and operate high quality and eco-friendly buildings.
In this way, the logistics property company aims to extend the life of its buildings and guarantee their efficiency for its customers.
For this project, ENGIE AXIMA has been chosen to take charge of all maintenance related to energy and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).
WIZZCAD simplifies the relationship between the contractor and the end customer by enabling the processing of intervention requests directly on the application and on the go.

A few figures

63 000 m²



connected platform

The Challenges

Centralise all the data on a unique solution : control the energy consumption of the building

Move to preventive and even predictive maintenance : optimise equipment maintenance.

Collaborate more effectively with project stakeholders : use a high-performance collaborative tool.

Guarantee the security of building data : ensure data protection.

WIZZCAD Solutions

"This solution is a clear demonstration of the benefits of smart-building for SEGRO. WIZZCAD will build on the digital twin of the building and take full advantage of it, allowing us to make substantial savings on its operating costs.
WIZZCAD is able to interconnect with all the tools we already use and it is for this reason that we have chosen it.
It will be in a way the digital brain of the building, alerting us mainly of adjustments to plan or preventive maintenance operations to carry out.”

– Quentin Liu, Senior Property Manager, SEGRO

Using the WIZZCAD platform allowed to:

Meet the environmental challenges that the property owner had set
Promote the energy efficiency of the building.
Decide in a more rational and accurate way through the use of BI.
Operate a building with the latest smart building technology