Les Noirettes refurbishment


"Our main concern was finding a solution capable of facilitating communication and the exchange of information between all the project stakeholders and the thousands of tenants. […] This is why implementing a collaborative platform was of utmost importance to us." 


The context

This project consists of refurbishing 988 social housing units spread over 9 buildings in the Les Noirettes and Grands Bois residences in Vaulx-en-Velin.

The project was broken down into 4 phases:

Insulation of façades and roofs
Replacement of wood or single-glazed windows with double-glazed PVC windows
Overhaul of all other joinery and renovation of the ventilation systems
Electrical safety review

Project characteristics

In terms of deadlines, the refurbishment of these 988 housing must be completed within one year, a deadline that would not have been possible without a powerful digital solution used from the design stage and allowing the collaboration of all project stakeholders. This is one of the reasons why we had to maximize the efficiency of the exchanges within the team but also with the inhabitants, and thus save a maximum of time.
Our aims were to obtain better productivity, better quality but above all to be able to communicate with the tenants in order to associate them with the project and improve communication, therefore adherence to the project in a sensitive environment.
Only the digital solution Wizzcad meets these very constrained specifications.

A few figures

66 000 m2


21 M€

Cost of Works
Label « BBC Rénovation
BIM d’Argent 2018

The Challenges

Refurbishment in an occupied environment remains a unique and challenging task for all stakeholders. As a leader in residential refurbishment, Citinea has consistently maintained high performance across all indicators, including efficiency, environmental impact, deadlines and quality.
Moreover, we have just one year to refurbish this project of 988 housing units. This is why the ability to reduce dead time by communicating effectively among all the project stakeholders, especially the inhabitants, is essential if we are to complete this project on time.

WIZZCAD Solutions

We chose to use WIZZCAD because its dedicated refurbishment solution attached to its field management and BIM management modules was perfectly suited to our needs.

WIZZCAD’s refurbishment management significantly streamlines communication with tenants. On the one hand, the platform centralises all tenant information, making it possible to manage the 988 tenant accounts, manage meetings and exchanges of document with tenants and to view detailed statistics.
On the other hand, the module has a configurable notification system to be kept informed in real time of any event, such as the postponement of an appointment with a resident.

As for BIM, this is a key element of our project: we have created a 3D model for each housing unit that will be used for maintenance going forward.
Our BIM managers appreciate many features of WIZZCAD BIM and say that the solution truly meets their needs.

Using the WIZZCAD platform allowed to:

Streamline exchanges with tenants
Centralise information document exchange, management of appointments, information on tenants, etc.
Collect and analyse accurate data on the progress of the project
Configure BIM's properties: possible to add properties to the models and connect elements such as a link to a website, a description of dimensions, a schedule, etc.