Software Development and customization

Continuous improvement process
of our software products

As we want to provide the best user experience to our customers, our software engineers are permanently involved improving the WIZZCAD platform, in terms of use and features.

More specifically, we involve Customer Success Managers, in order for our solution to become every day more intuitive and convenient for all kinds of projects.

Our objective is to maximize a simple and productive user experience, delivering a useful and enjoyable solution, without sacrificing the width of its features. We want you to complete your projects in the most perfect way.

Customization of our solutions for each project

Your project is unique : this is why it deserves all of our attention. It requires a solution that meets all of your operational needs on the building site.

WIZZCAD can customize the application according to your specific needs.

In this case, our teams can accurately adapt our solutions to the specifics of your business and processes.

The flexible solution for all your projects