20 years of professional background in the industry and construction sectors

The founders of Wizzcad have been involved for more than 20 years in the area of construction and industry. As such, they have identified the the main issues you can face : a global view of the construction works and their progress status, a streamlined cooperation between the various stakeholders and of course, the improvement of the return on investment.

Combining their expertise, the founders of Wizzcad succeeded in materializing a solution. No more papers, no more pens, the construction site management becomes 100% digital, and is performed thanks to a state-of-the-art, dynamic and efficient tool.

Wizzcad’s history is the result of the fruitful imagination of a team, sharing the same values and passion and committed to adopt the best technology.

More than just an organization, Wizzcad is an attitude and a vision bringing new technologies to an underdigitized highly competitive construction market subject to fast and challenging evolutions.



The new technologies available on the construction site.


Leader to provide cost-effective solutions.


Because a project involves a lot of different stakeholders, our solution is designed to fit with all their needs.


Our products result from of a comprehensive field experience, as well as certified software development skills.

Practical info

Headquarters :  8 bis, rue Henri Barbusse 91290 Arpajon
Sales Office : 1 Impasse Reille 75014 Paris
Phone number :  +33(0) 1 60 83 61 33
Email  :  contact@wizzcad.com