3D fieldwork operations

Control your budget

Thanks to a virtual pre-elaboration of the project, the budget is under control. Quantities and building costs can be precisely measured before and during the project.

Improve the quality of your constructions

Build long-lasting energy-efficient buildings which guarantee the best comfort to its residents.

Develop team work

Centralize the information on a collaborative platform where each stakeholder of the project can have an access to.

Manage your projects thanks to 3D models


A simple, ergonomic and intuitive browsing covering your needs


Thanks to the precision of 3D models, easily manage your orders.


Thanks to the digital design of your construction, anticipate actions and gain time and organization.


Share the informations with your teams in real time.

Wizzcad’s technical features

3D Browsing
Easy browsing in the 3D model thanks to the navigation bar
Retrieve the stored data and share it with your team
Simply add notes to your project. Click on “Add a note”
Notification system
Receive web and email notifications to be informed of the last coordination instructions.
Import and display online IFC files, and explore them thanks to advanced navigation tools.

Improve your construction site’s productivity

What if you had finally found the solution to maximize your productivity ? As you know, the financial topics are prevailing for a project. Not easy to do the best we can with what we have, right ?
But here is what you have : WIZZCAD BIM. Your BIM model allows you to test and analyze in real time the the items of your construction, before the beginning of the construction project.

With WIZZCAD BIM, you can check very early if a project fits in your financial constraints and your construction deadlines.

improve the quality of your construction

What is the power of WIZZCAD BIM ? Accurate analysis of the construction project can be performed in the early stage of the project, providing the opportunity to modify the design if needed.

Check of the compliance of the project to the current standards, from functional and environmental sides in order to strive for an unmatched quality.

Work on 3D models

We need advanced technological tools, in order to reach a superior quality level.

This is why the 3D BIM model is the sophisticated tool that every construction leader needs, if he/she wants to deliver an accurate work.

Indeed, WIZZCAD BIM gives access to a virtual display which is 100% compliant to the real project. Furthermore, it allows the visualisation of 2D models which perfectly reflect the 3D model.

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