The Electronic Document Management
(EDM) module

Time saving

Easily access the project documentation allowing timely and sound decisions therefore saving money.

Productivity improvement

A tool supporting project management tasks, in order to stay within budget and milestones objectives.

Competitive advantage

In a tough market, using the most modern tool available gives you a competitive edge.

Access your files anytime, anywhere

Secure and unlimited storage

Store as many files as you want for your projects, up/down loading them from the app

Receipt and approvals tracking

Edit your lists anytime. Use the automatic incrementation of receipts numbers to automate the processes.

Enter your database anytime

Your data is accessible anytime on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, in online and offline modes.

Manage your files

Check and edit your graphic charter.
Automatically index your files.

The repository of your files

Wizzproject allows you to manage all the files for a project : technical documents, DWG formats, administrative, financial or legal charts, images, etc…. Our solution relies on unlimited storage capacity and an advanced file protection system, located in redundant data centers.

Access from your smartphone, tablet or laptop by the stakeholders of a project according to their role and the rights that were granted by the administrator. Make more of the address book such as the company names involved, contacts, suppliers, subcontractors, staff, etc…

Easily manage your content in the WizzProject database. Automatically organise your project files according to your preferred logic and associations, such as by Project step Batch, by Zone and by Building, etc… These settings are 100% configurable.

Electronic Document Management

Efficient and protected management – Single repository of your projects

Total control of the customers’ deliverables – Receipts and approvals tracking

Outlook and AutCAD connector – Statistics and projects tracking

Receipts and visas tracking

You can put your project into a “receipt basket” and validate it anytime. The user puts his/her selected files in his/her receipt and defines the recipients which can be numerous for one file. The selection is loaded into a temporary file, waiting for the dispatch : this list can be edited anytime. The dispatch status and the recipients list can be defined according to each blueprint.
Follow the approvals responses – Follow the approvals control and observation (with attachment) – Automatic numbering and incrementation of receipts numbers.

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