Time saving

Reduce dramatically the delivery time thanks to a centralised management process.
Each project member gets faster access to information and can move forward immediately.

Efficient cooperation

Our site management solution allows all the participants of a construction project to connect and share data, according to the rights which were granted to them.

Improvement on your project’s profitability

The reduction of the delivery time and the improvement of the cooperation between the project contributors, increase the productivity and reduce the costs.

Control, manage and secure your site


Position your marker (defects, self-check, notes, etc) according to your needs.


Access your blueprints instantaneously.


Adjust your searches thanks to different filters : by date, by company, by group of markers, etc…


Enjoy an easy and intuitive browsing developed for your needs.

Gain operational efficiency

Receive notifications about your project to help you anytime at the office or on site
Edit status and reporting tables.

Export your data in Excel or PDF format to your computer or by email.

Create and analyse your own graphs as easily as on a regular spreadsheet.

Time and Productivity Gain

Optimise your projects quickly thanks to a solution adapted to your activity.

Simplify your daily work with an intuitive and user friendly application.

Save time in your control reviews with easy and efficient entry methods.

Optimise your resources and control the margin of your construction project.

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