WIZZCAD is the first global platform for the Engineering & Construction industry.
Design, Field Operations acceptance, Facilities Management.

Build for the digital age.

WIZZCAD is the first global Field Operations platform for the Engineering and Construction industry

More than 10.000 projects

made with WIZZCAD

Wizzcad in 3 modules

A successful construction site is not just about headcount in the field, but also about team work and good tools ! Wizzcad is the 100% digital app which values your expertise and helps you to benefit from a short payback. Wizzcad is the leading integrated, feature-rich and collaborative platform, designed for you and each stakeholder of your project.
Optimizing information sharing
Managing, monitoring and securing your construction sites
3D project management


Our Committment


At Wizzcad, we consider change as an opportunity. Thanks to the Wizzcad app, the industrial and construction sectors manage to implement their digital transformation.
Adopting Wizzcad is stepping into the future in a user-friendly and accurate way.
#EDM #ProjectManagement #BIM


We designed a solution which provides concrete answers to contribute to an efficient and succcessful completion of your projects.
Wizzcad brings you a wide range of features to help you on a day-to-day basis in your business. Join the users of Wizzcad, a tool designed and thought for the achievement of your projects.


The Wizzcad app is already involved in more than 750 projects, and thousands of users have been convinced by its benefits.
Our expertise allowed us to bring Wizzcad to new partners who care about digital innovation, and are now customers. Wizzcad is also actively present as an exhibitor at the most significant professional events.