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Wizzcad Connect, a solution specifically designed to manage project follow-up for refurbishment projects in occupied buildings

With the WIZZCAD solution, carry out your refurbishment and renovation projects with a unique digital tool. 

The refurbishment of buildings and the renovation of dwellings are major challenges on the economic, social and environmental level. The WIZZCAD software helps to improve your real estate heritage management and optimise the performances during the refurbishment and renovation phase: modeling of the existing, archiving of the building before demolition/extension, simplification of the landlord-tenant relationship.


WIZZCAD, the unique SaaS solution dedicated to Smart Building



the entire satisfaction of your tenants or occupants



a digital real estate heritage of your buildings and efficiently manage your costs and charges


delivery times to reduce the vacancy rate of your dwellings

A single tool for all your requirements

Provide a dedicated interface to your tenants for the refurbishment phase

  • Inform your tenants of the progress of the work with a showcase site or a dedicated white-label application
  • Make your tenants stakeholders of your refurbishment projects by allowing them to interact: appointment scheduling, inventories, real-time claims submission in a customised space

Improve the landlord-tenant relationship and the satisfaction of your occupants

  • Use the WIZZCAD collaborative tool to maintain a full traceability of the exchanges between the contractor, the tenant and you, effectively manage your inventory follow-up and carry out an optimal follow-up of the treatment of the requests
Dashboard Réclamations

Get a perfect knowledge of your assets in order to better manage and develop them 

  • Reduce the management costs of your dwellings and your maintenance follow-up with a perfect vision of the condition of each dwelling in order to better anticipate the necessary work
  • Monitor your occupancy rate and the previous inventory for a better optimization of the occupancy of your dwellings

Support the ecological and technological transition of your property portfolio

  • Meet the new requirements of public authorities by creating eco-responsible buildings that meet environmental and social standards
  • Adopt the latest smart building technology to connect your buildings, better exploit the data collected and prepare the Digital Record of your dwellings

Collaborate smoothly with all the stakeholders of your projects at the office and on site

  • Share your documents, information and data between the different stakeholders (Client, Project Managers, Contractors, Tenants/Occupants)
  • Set up a workflow to track the refurbishment of dwellings, integrating the entire supply chain

Access all your project documents and plans on-the-go

  • Follow at any time the information and documents required for the smooth running of the project (inventories, worksheets, final sign-off...), wherever you are, from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Integrate WIZZCAD in your Specifications, and create a workspace dedicated to your programs

Manage your real estate projects and programs, from design to operations

  • Manage your project data during the design phase, execution phase (2D plans, 3D, planning, snags management, pre-acceptance operations, delivery and defect liability period), as well as during the operations and maintenance phase  
  • Carry out preventive and predictive maintenance thanks to the data collected, which will help you to better manage your costs related to technical installations to be renewed and other works
Plan sur Ipad
Th best of technology dedicated to Smart Building

At the office or on site

Access to all project information on-the-go

Active Collaboration
Improve your productivity thanks to a unique tool for all the players
Complete Data Security
Unlimited storage in an encrypted Data Lake on servers hosted in France
Automated reporting 
Dynamic overview of inventories, works, satisfactions to analyze, budget and forecast
Tenant interface
Direct connection between the main contractor, the tenant and yourself via the app or a website
Project Owner / Project Manager Interface
Enhanced traceability and accessibility of project data to increase your productivity

The arrival of digital solutions has completely transformed working methods in the construction sector, which is in the midst of a major evolution.

Public Works / Infrastructure

Whether for project owners, project managers, public works companies or subcontractors, digital technology has a profound impact on public works activities.


The refurbishment of existing buildings is a major challenge. WIZZCAD solution significantly improves performance during the refurbishment phase .


Using a digital tool designed for real estate development helps increase its efficiency and improve its image while also facilitating interactions .

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  • WIZZCAD supports construction and real estate players in their digital transformation in order to help them build quality projects, safely, on time and on budget.
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