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Organized by Bpifrance and Business France, in association with a prestigious Franco-Chinese jury, the 2018 edition of the French Tech Tour China 2018 focuses on the digital, energy and constructionTech sectors.

It took two weeks and more than 100 ratings per application to assess, separate and validate the development potential of each project in the Chinese market. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of this 2018 selection, 18 jurors from companies that are driving innovation and investment in France and China (e.g. Aden Energy, Alcatel, Cathay Capital, Datang Telecom, HKSTP, Huawei, Idinvest Partners, Lenovo, Orange, Tencent, Hanergy...) were invited.

The French Tech Tour allows WIZZCAD to get closer to the four most innovative ecosystems in China: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong or Chengdu and Beijing. The company will meet prospects and potential partners during the two-week immersion.
WIZZCAD has distinguished itself by the power and innovation of its solution in an exponentially growing digital transformation of construction in China.


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